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Hunan lives in a tycoon----Good night is lived in
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Hunan Province good night lives in industrial limited company to held water 1986 January, be located in Yue Lu of Hunan Province the Changsha City the road in Ou Xiaoxiang, repose below the hill of high mountain the foot of mountain with pretty scenery, beautiful Hunan river riverside, border university of Hunan of —— of chiliad institution of higher learning and Hunan Normal University, traffic is convenient. It is the enterprise that design of be in harmony, development, production, sale is equal to the large major of an organic whole to manufacture furniture at the high-grade mattess of an organic whole, bedding, furniture, sofa. Set good night home to spin branch of good night of group of industry of good night of factory of sofa of good night of factory of furniture of software of good night of factory of furniture of good night of branch, Yunnan mattess branch, Guangdong, Guangdong, Guangdong, United States, Australia. Existing employee 2000 much people, among them of record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning occupy 85 ﹪ , record of formal schooling of above of high-level administrator undergraduate course occupies 98 ﹪ . The product is popular in 20 many provinces city of countrywide, municipality, sell like hot cakes south reach periphery city of 10 many provinces and municipality, sale network spreads all over countrywide each district, sell as far as to the country such as Euramerican, Japan, Australia, Arabia. Good night enterprise is the well-known trademark enterprise of Hunan Province, mattess of 10 course of study of three-year institution of higher learning produce one of businesses, chinese furniture association is standing director unit, vice director of council of major of Chinese soft mattess, hunan Province 50 strong civilian battalion enterprise, chinese consumer is believed so that cross a brand. Annual produce the 6 ten million from 96 years yuan, jump to 2004 300 million yuan, its sales volume ranks the cogongrass before course of study of person of the same trade, the company has fixed assets 3.5 100 million.

The company always holds to “ quality excelsior, ” of consecratory client, healthy mankind is a tenet, it is highest honor in order to satisfy the demand ” of “ client, “ solidarity friendly affection, helping weak aid up to strand ” is our good convention. The company grows in oneself while, also pay close attention to society, consecratory society hard, broadcast charity a righteous act undertaken for the public good, help impoverished off-duty workers, support construction of governmental commonweal career, get social all walks of life greatly reputably. Meanwhile, the company pays attention to company culture construction very much, build “ to turn management for the human nature of this ” with the person, invite the world's top-ranking management division to come to a company propagandist, give job, dispel doubts, send a company administrator of medium, high level goes Beijing University, Tsinghua undertakes taking advanced courses, pay attention to pay of employee material benefits. Develop activity of various recreational and sports activities, travel at the same time, reveal the glamour of ” of person of “ good night adequately, the sweet atmosphere that was employee to build good night of a kind of “ is my home ” .
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