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Bedding sells busy season to make brand fight greatly
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Recently, drop as air temperature, weather turns with each passing day cold, sale of market of our city bedding is hot rise. Plus draw near end of the year, new residence moves, marriage celebrate waited for an element to add a fire for market of our city bedding, bedding market greeted sale climax. So how does brand shop of our city bedding distributing? Does their evolution appear again how to give a kind of state? The reporter undertook interviewing to this.
Bedding is on sale the area collects numerous consumer

Bedding is in the our city has a sale inside supermarket of each big general merchandise. No matter be bazaar of supermarket, general merchandise or brand shop, the reporter sees bedding be on sale numerous consumer gathered in the area. Be in a few supermarkets the most conspicuous position, also have the figure of bedding, these bedding because price material benefit, buy convenient, very get citizen reception. Foreign worker worker Miss Zhang says: “ because I am not native, buy bedding to won't be chosen so too expensive. When to perhaps work in benefit city, buying too good bedding is an encumbrance, threw to moment hate to part with again, do not throw taking those who hold out a trouble. Buy so by what a few yuan also choose only when core. ”

And large general merchandise market also sets bedding monopolistic ark, these monopolistic ark are given priority to with managing certain brand more.

Bedding brand shop pays attention to product quality not only, still pay attention to a service

If say those who face the bedding inside the supermarket is main,be the word of people group, so what the bedding brand shop that if galaxy is glaring,distributings in the our city goes is high-quality goods course. Brand shop of our city bedding basically distributings to be mixed in digital business street horizontal Jiang Sanlu a street, and floodgate road, south altar is taken. Road of north of Lu Zhina altar takes water valve, in eye of benefit city citizen, the bed tastes assemble here, on this street, the assemble is worn ten famous beds such as Sa Tianjiao of dream Li Sha, card act the role of brand brand shop. And go toward horizontal Jiang Sanlu from digital market, it is another place that brand shop of our city bedding centers, there is Taiwan here rich Ni of well-known trademark black and the brand shop such as Fu Anna bedding. In addition, he Binjiang park takes corn field road to also have brand shop of bedding of a few famous brand. The bedding that these brand shop place sell is the product of famous manufacturer more, brand of partial brand shop is a few well-known trademarks of the famous brand that comes from area of Hong Kong, Taiwan and home. These bedding brand shop pay attention to product quality not only, still pay attention to a service. They rely on brand glamour, affecting customer.

The businessman increases to be tasted newly ceaselessly, roll out high-quality goods, walk along a brand to change the way of development
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