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The brand lets the home spin an enterprise to earn sufficient additional cost
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Spin city weather gently to collect market of square, north to be relied on in order to combine the market for sale with China, the home that carry on allows spins a product to sell past throughout the country in great quantities each district and abroad. My county home is spun sale cut a number not to have law statistic temporarily truly last year, but, everyday more than 10000 kinds of pattern window screening of thousands of series, and the grey of breed of 30 thousand two beautiful type such as silk of the pure cotton printing with bedding form a complete set, cleanse cotton printing, chemical fibber appears on the market, several passenger flow measure jostle each other in a crowd, give a person ” of shock of sex of dimensions of a kind of “ really.

“ is destined to do not have consequence without the enterprise of the brand, what we eat previously is this has a deficit. My cloth and gauze take Guangzhou to stuck a brand price to turn over one times, and myself sells however do not remove valence to come. ” billow cleans out gauze president Qu Xiue to say to the reporter, “ but, differred now, I had billow of own brand ‘ to clean out gauze ’ , and it is certain to have famous degree, the price also came up. ”

Carry on promotes the home to spun course of study to realize an industry not only nowadays group assemble, and realized brand assemble, it is bibcock with brand development, urged a company further of own innovation ability and consciousness of protection of own intellectual property rise ceaselessly. Many enterprises hold water to taste orgnaization of design research and development newly, some still draws lessons from home of world each district to spin outstanding originality of the industry and design, center of research and development established in abroad, carry on promotes a design level that spins an industry to moving toward specializationed new high point. And, the copyright administration that with the industry development matchs has been started.

Almost all now enterprise blends in “ self-consciously the brand that everybody spins ” changes development in orbit, carry on promotes the home to spin brilliant outstanding achievement is to come from more be run at what in recent years the home spins an enterprise to pay attention to pair of brands actively and sale, from “ always benefit ” makes rich to “ grand ” , the shadow that goes to home of brand of ”…… of “ small Xuan Chuang to spin from “ China ” already everywhere is visible. Locate from character the brand is engineered, from can exhibit sale to arrive all-around pack, the home of my county spun an enterprise to had become Chinese home to spin a ” of cannot ignore absolutely “ fresh troops in course of study.

A few years Qian Shaoxing's home spins a business still is rare. But, many people took a fancy to the cake of embellish of this high additional cost, usury already. In the time that influences 5 years recently especially, my county home spins a business increasing, production value exceeds ten million now have close a hunderd schools. The brand changes the strategy to let an enterprise hit turn over battle, and with annual the extent of 20% grows, make an enterprise true taste sufficient benefit. The home spins an industry to had become my county to have the pillar of characteristic and latent capacity industry most.
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