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Dimension division obtains Zhejiang to save well-known logo of first bedding Chi
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On September 14, chinese spin bound is famous ” of division of brand “ dimension is versed in by the country commercial firm politics manages total bureau to judge for ” of “ China well-known logo. It is reported, this is Zhejiang saves bedding industry first by the country industrial and commercial the Chinese celebrated trade mark that total bureau holds. Obtain supreme honor of ” of “ China well-known logo, it is Weikeji's round honor not only, also be the honor that Zhejiang saves bedding industry. And before this, ” of “ dimension division is country of ” of famous brand of collect “ China, “ more the brand of level of a lot of state such as the ” of exit famous brand that key of Department of Commerce of country of ” of the product that avoid check, “ is bred and develops laurel at a suit, so far, ” of “ dimension division almost include home is all top class brand is honorary, become ” of vole of Chinese brand “ . As we have learned, dimension family group is the home with domestic the largest scale spins production and one of trade businesses, have dimension family home to spin, division of dimension division blanket, dimension decorates fabrics product of 3 China famous brand, the ” of exit famous brand that key of Department of Commerce of country of these two “ breeds ” of division of dimension of the “ below the banner, “ Dunhuang ” and develops more ascend 6 years continuously since 2002 body China enterprise pop chart of 500 strong year, 2006-2007 year competition ability of group of trade of the state-owend enterprise in be seleted two years continuously again 500 strong. Group of ” of “ dimension division arrives from product research and development spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, arrange, tailor, the country in been comprise spins the industry with the wholest industry to produce chain, it is minority of Chinese spin industry can master fluctuation to swim one of groups of large strength industry that production supplies chain.

Dimension division, stand on the scratch line of world brand

On June 22 2007 China 500 have value brand most in publishing list, ” of “ dimension division ranks the whole nation with 7.087 billion yuan brand value the 86th, brand of ascend body China 100 strong, list in flourish of industry of countrywide spin garment the 4th strong. Obtain honor of ” of “ China well-known logo this, bring more dazzling glorious to the market not only, also make the Xin Feng of promotion of the brand on Wei Keyue is worth.

” of “ China well-known logo, not only the character that is brand of a China, famous spend and beautiful praise spend those who wait for integrated quality to be approved to reflect, and be world of Chinese industry trend surely the road of classics. But Chinese brand is not equal at world brand, no matter be,still be in in brand force the brand is add on the value, having huge gap with world brand. To this, life of He Cheng of president of dimension family group thinks, to the ” of “ dimension division that with making international top-ranking brand is a target, everything what what do at present is the beginning that founds world brand merely, it lets ” of “ dimension division stand on the scratch line that establishs world brand.
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