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K.MOOI of advanced bedding brand lands France formally China
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Advanced dormitory of France and K.MOOI of bedding brand shop kick off formally at Chongqing. K.MOOI is an advanced dormitory that comes from France and bedding brand, design design fills case of Europe land wind, the product that it rolls out includes luxuriant and distinctive bedstead, the dynamoelectric bed of high-tech, healthy and easy air cushion bed, and the bedding suit of contracted softness all all equipment. Additional, inside K.MOOI inn more the shop of bedding brand Doux.b that have as an attached institution comes from Europe, the bed cotton-padded mattress with stock comfortable major, the bedding that thickness all has reachs the pillow of soft hard moderate, wu is begged let a client can enjoy one-stop shopping fun.

Mr.Biagio of K.MOOI Italy stylist lives at Italian art Foluolunsi, experience grumous artistic atmosphere everyday, he expresses the stylist that succeeds as, want to be a target with innovation idea without fail, besides the main use that wants attend to product, should raise the life qualitative element that uses the home more, have withstand time test only, can blend in the product of our life and thought, this ability is a success, this also is the principle of series of K.MOOI soft bed, the high grade bedding that chooses K.MOOI can be experienced what never have is comfortable, costly with enjoy, at accompanying you each night soporous. The stock with qualitative durable actor brings the softness with your long constant to arrange slippery experience. Fine stock cooperates the classic K.MOOI with elaborate stylist to take you to enter aristocratic life to savour.

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