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Dream Li Sha: Autumn winter bed is tasted aim at 80 hind marriage celebrate the
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Autumn wind rises, have cool idea. Recently, the reporter visits the discovery after bedding brand shop, the sale climax of bedding inn is being lifted gradually. The winter with all sorts of qualitative material by had appeared on the market in the round, among them blame with clingy 80 hind the marriage of demand celebrates a bed to taste most bright look, become Qiu Dong of second half of the year by advocate make a product.
Marriage celebrate a bed to taste a sale advocate hit a reporter to taste brand shop to see in many beds, marriage celebrate a bed to taste shopwindow to display leading role. Dream Home Li Sha spins Zhang Lunsong of development department manager to introduce, be worth marriageable age 80 hind it is the consumptive principal part with tremendous potential. “ is current marriage celebrate a bed to taste a sale to be climbed all the way litre, some brand shop can sell one day give ten, among them the client of 80% is 80 hind, partial privilege marriage celebrates a product to sell goods even. ”
Products plan is cast 80 hind place is good
Be aimed at young the 80 be fond of after, each are big the brand was rolled out in the respect such as product design and color, fabrics, function marriage celebrate advocate make individual character product, design and color more individualize.
The reporter is visited see, tender feelings of ” of the vogue after the Qiu Dongxin of beautiful Sha tasted the dream to roll out “80, “ inferior marriage celebrate the marriage such as ” to celebrate thematic series, apply emulation silk jacquard weave and color to knit jacquard weave, grind Mao Heyin silk of flower, bud and gauze fabrics, deserve to be built with design of geometry of line of stripe and flowers embroider, abstract grid dispatch the amorous feelings of soft beauty of feeling vogue, romance, among them fabrics of silk of a 7 colour, what can issue downy and flowery 7 variety below lamplight illuminate is smooth, get 80 hind chase after hold in both hands.
Environmental protection fiber by core the most popular
In addition, consumer is right quality be waitinged for by the fabrics of core product, filler and environmental protection sex also pay close attention to more. As we have learned, at present by core kind the filler of the product basically uses the silk, abb, eider down, chemical fibber, fiber such as cotton, additional new the environmental protection such as silk of charcoal of the soja that roll out, corn, bamboo, day, beautiful contest is new-style fiber by core special also welcome, become today one of window that autumn bed tastes.
Rise as what people asks to environmental protection, consumer is reached to bed sheet already was raised considerably this year by the environmental protection requirement of core. And as raw material in short supply innovate with what refine technology, new the environmental protection fiber that roll out by core already more and more get consumer reception.
Dream Home Li Sha spins general manager assistant Mr Yang expresses, begin from last year, dream Li Sha begins to push the environmental protection fiber that is material with fiber of corn, soja, milk to be waited for by core, among them cheap and fine the soja thread that has “ of “ man-made cashmere by core the most welcome, volume of every month shipment obtains busy season 30 thousand or so (volume of average month shipment is 10 thousand to already was belonged to perfectly) . Today the bamboo charcoal fiber that Qiu Ganggang rolls out by core, because have,exceed strong adsorption gender and hygroscopic, and can decompose peculiar smell to purify air, accordingly not only newlywed likes, a few new clothes repair the family of new residence of move to a better place or have a promotion, special also value this product.
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