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Home Li Sha spins the dream: Actual strength is achieved with respect to hundred
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Dream Home Li Sha acts the role of things limited company to found 1993, gross area in all 30000 much square metre, it is design of a collect, development, production, sale those who be an organic whole is large and medium-sized industry of family expenses textile.
Come more than 10 years, home Li Sha spins the dream to hold to “ from beginning to end sincere enter, actually is promoted, read aloud with the nuclear psychology that sends far ” , with seek enterprise, employee, join in business 3 person joint development is already held the post of, build sweet dormitory culture to consumer, make fashionable character new student live, the accord that the enterprise wins society and industry reputably.

2006, dream Li Sha by center of safeguard of light product quality is judged in China for “ China key of well-known trademark ” popularizes an unit. This enterprise more have the honor to win year of “2005 of province, city sincere letter joins in year of enterprise ” , “2006 quality of ” of sincere letter enterprise, “ is at ease the honorary title such as ” of unit of adviser of activity of month of quality of suitable heart of affirmatory unit ” , “ , become Guangdong to save celebrated home to spin home of place of enterprise, Fosan to spin the successful model that the company grows.

It is in order to pledge first, the lasting power that the company expands

Dream Li Sha make sure product quality lives as the enterprise the lifeline of development, firm establish “ quality the first, the concept of excelsior ” , the company owns facility of of all kinds entrance now many 400, built oneself to produce character to measure standard and control method, pay attention to each production segment, pay attention to each production process, layer upon layer guard a pass, do one's best offers tall qualitative home to spin a product for consumer. 2006, product of dream Li Sha passed the attestation of ISO9001/2000 quality system of company of SGS international attestation smoothly, for the dream market of China of quick race to control of beautiful Sha brand provided strong safeguard.

Innovation is the power that expands eternity, all through the ages of dream Li Sha takes the development of new product seriously, roll out breed of more than 150 design and color every year to satisfy the client's requirement. The company owns special market research center and center of product research and development, establish perfect market research technique and product development program, the system studies the market and product are developed, solve product development and market to be out of line phenomenon, assure the banner tide of the product. The product develops a center to have many high quality, seasoned stylist, the product development that offers according to market research center asks the design gives market salable production.

At present dream Li Sha has 8 kinds big, 38 13 kinds of styles, series, 600 many sheet are tasted, cover core of a combination, pillow, summer by, hotel things. In each product of old series, household series, marriage celebrates series, noble series, royal series to cover a combination the grade with meantime Shang Xinchao, in a popular style, suffer broad consumer to chase after fully hold in both hands. Especially bedspread is covered many times take from design and color, design, price no matter, pack having clear competitive advantage.
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