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Home Li Sha spins the dream: Receive the home to spin character times
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A few days ago, dream Home Li Sha acts the role of things limited company to pass the ISO9001 of company of SGS of international authority orgnaization again: 2000 quality manage a system to evaluate attestation. This shows dream Home Li Sha spins quality management system to continue to reach internationalization level, product quality got the promotion that stabilizes continuously.
As we have learned, home Li Sha spins the dream held water 1994, it is a major those who pursue bedding development, production and sale is large and medium-sized industry of family expenses textile. This enterprise is core brand with ” of “ dream Li Sha, brand shop, shop is owned in the whole nation and area of sea other place 500 many, and with annual the speed of 60% develops. Dream Li Sha has the dormitory to cover now, by kind, pillow core kind, Xiao home of domestic act the role ofing, children is spun, hotel things, mattess 8 kinds big, the product that 38 13 kinds of styles, series, 600 many sheet taste group, its product is sold as far as to Euramerican, southeast Asia area, the home that makes broad consumer love spins one of brands.

Come for years, dream Li Sha is jumping-off place with enhancing the competition ability of industry technology level and product, firm establish “ to inspect quality to be company lifeblood, achieve high grade home to spin the business concept of famous brand ” , the home that provides tall qualitative material benefit for consumer with the price of moderate spins a product. To assure product quality, this enterprise from 2005 begin to bring

ISO2000 quality runs a system, established perfect product quality standard and control method, raise the expectation of pair of product quality and level ceaselessly, undertake to faculty with a variety of means announce of knowledge of quality management system guides, increase company staff quality awareness, safeguard effectively what ensured quality runs a system with move normally

In December 2006, the ISO9001 ∶ that Home Li Sha spins the dream to pass SGS first examine and verify of 2000 management certificate of quality, for this brand China of quick race to control and international market provided strong safeguard. The acquisition of ISO9001 certificate, indicate Li Sha produces a dream quality quantity and world conform, company quality manages a standard to march toward higher chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.

The expert of SGS is in this reexamine, to the dream Li Sha undertook strict spot examine and verify, think dream Home Li Sha spins quality management system to move to be united in wedlock actually with the production of the enterprise consistently, systematic movement keeps good, accord with the home to spin industry characteristic, attestation certificate continues effective.

To this reexamine through, controller of dream Li Sha expresses to be honoured, accessary also emphasize, the home spins an industry is a when live in industrial catenary important segment, bedding serves as special consumable, become the consumptive heat with new people. When consumer is buying the home to spin a product, value product quality not only, more serve as the businessman's service purchase decision-making main factor. All the time since, home Li Sha spins the dream to regard the important step that oneself brand safeguards as quality and service. This enterprise is severe stress product quality while, strengthen terminal management ceaselessly, strict monitoring terminal sells segment, run sincere letter as choose to join in with assessment the standard with chief trader. In the meantime, manufacturer also plans to organize large-scale terminal to groom in 8 years, the study that adopts a system will deepen join in business is mixed guide the member that buy is opposite the understanding of the product, aggrandizement personnel serves consciousness, put an end to what in joining in business is running a course, appear of any practise fraud not sincere letter industry.
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